Gasfitting is defined as any work involved in installing, repairing or altering any gas appliance, pipes, ventilation or flue pipes, and ensuring their safe operation.

Because of the flammable nature of gas, all gasfitting work has to, by law, be undertaken by a certified, trained professional to ensure safety standards are adhered to.

SW Bartholomew Ltd are certified gasfitters in Hawke’s Bay.

We can assist with your gas installation and maintenance needs, including:

  • Gas main layers
  • Gas installation to new and existing properties
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Service for gas appliances, heaters, cookers, hot water cylinders, and Infinities

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Commercial Gasfitting Services in Hawke’s Bay

We offer a wide range of gas services to the commercial sector, from new installations right through to maintenance and safety checks.

We are specialists in the commercial gas field and can help you with the following:

  • Design and project management of high or low pressure gas lines, whether new installations or alterations
  • Supply, installation and trouble-shooting of gas regulators
  • We specialise in any type of burners (boilers, package burners, atmospheric burners, etc)
  • Gas main and installation safety inspections
  • Supply and installation of seismic gas safety valves
  • Supply of all gas and control equipment – in most cases overnight

We understand that when you have a gas emergency or supply issue, not only is there potential risk, but your business may be interrupted. We are always on call for our commercial clients, to ensure speedy, safe and effective solutions to all your gas supplies, installations, repairs, maintenance and compliance checks.

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